Making healthcare safer and more efficient by auditing test result communications. Patents pending.

We help providers meet the highest standards of patient safety by decreasing communication failures that injure patients. 



The Problem

Radiologists couldn’t find enough relevant quality measures to reach the maximum MIPS reporting benefits. It was difficult to avoid negative CMS payment adjustments and earn increases in reimbursements.



The Solution

We created radiology-specific measures that can be used in addition to the standard measures. Radiologists and other providers can use the NJII–SaferMD QCDR to maximize MIPS benefits. Dr. Gale explains why you should report your MIPS data in this brief video.



How does our communications auditing work?

Our system integrates with your Critical Test Results Management system (CTRM) or Electronic Health Record (EHR). We track and document each test result notification to confirm that it is received by referring clinicians.  Using the data, we provide reports that help healthcare facilities and practices manage the communications activity of its disparate systems and healthcare providers.




SaferMD’s patent pending technology allows malpractice insurers to offer our clients risk management credits of up to 20%. Our vendor neutral third party audits are required to confirm effective communication of diagnostic test results. Similarly, reinsurers are rewarding customers with low or no claim experience up to 80% of premium.




Our metrics and reports benefit everyone from large hospital systems to patients and families. Patients are safer. Practitioners are protected. Hospitals can document compliance with The Joint Comission’s Nation Patient Safety Goal #2.  Malpractice insurers and healthcare organizations use our reports to offer significant risk reduction discounts. Medium size US hospitals can save over $1.2 million annually.



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