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MIPS Minute for August 8, 2017

Dr. Gale discusses a MIPS “surprise” that will help you determine your eligibility and success with reporting in this 1 minute video.

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Top 8 concerns around MIPS and MACRA in 2017

Last week we attended the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) Paradigm conference in Chicago. Our uber-smart peers in the radiology and medical billing arenas gave us many insights on ways to enhance the value of our registries and our actionable results auditing services. One attendee hit it home: “It’s all about relationships and how you […]

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Could your quality measures qualify for MIPS?

The NJII-SaferMD’s MIPS registry is eligible to suggest new 2017 MIPS measures until January 15.  Once submitted, NJII-SaferMD cwill work with CMS to obtain approval as a MIPS measure.   Do you have effective measures that you monitor in your radiology practice? Would you like the NJII-SaferMD registry to nominate your measure(s) in MIPS for 2017? Send […]

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Press Release: NJII-SaferMD “PQRS Made Easy” PQRS Registry

  SaferMD Announces Unique Radiology Practice Reporting System Registry   Called ‘ PQRS Made Simple’ & Test Results Communications Auditing   NEW YORK, November 15 (PRNewswire)—SaferMD, LLC, a patient-safety organization and neutral third-party auditor of medical communications, today announced its unique PQRS reporting system created specifically for radiologists. The system easily allows radiologists to comply […]

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Ebola and Medical Miscommunications

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has offered differing accounts of what went wrong on September 25, the day their Emergency Department mistakenly sent the nation’s first Ebola patient back into the community instead of admitting him.  Over the next four days, that error put at risk for Ebola many of the individuals who came […]

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Are You Rolling the Dice with Your Test Results?

Emily left her 20-week sonogram appointment feeling confident and content after the technician told her that her baby’s anatomy appeared to be “perfect”.  A week later, she learned that her OBGYN never reviewed the electronic test results and missed some very important information that jeopardized the health of the baby and herself.  She quickly went […]

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Turning up the HEAT on Healthcare Fraud

In order to increase patient safety and protect taxpayers, the federal government is serious about reducing fraud and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs and have zeroed in on health care providers.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) joined forces with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to form the HEAT task force (Health Care […]

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Why did my medical test results fall through the cracks?

You’ve just had a diagnostic medical test performed at a reputable facility.  “The test will be read in a few days,” the staff tells you.  A week goes by and you haven’t heard from anyone about your test results.  You say to yourself, “No news is good news.”   Or, is it? Unfortunately, sometimes not.  The […]

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