Automated measure reporting with near real-time feedback available.


Avoid negative payment adjustments to your Medicare reimbursements and earn up to 14%. 


Integrate work flow while tracking data throughout the year.

We are excited to announce that our 2018 measures are CMS approved!

Our exclusive, radiology-specific measures allow radiologists to submit enough data to meet MIPS requirements.

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The problem                                                  The solution

Radiologists couldn’t find enough relevant quality measures to reach the maximum MIPS reporting benefits. It was difficult to avoid negative CMS payment adjustments and earn increases in reimbursements.

We created radiology-specific measures that can be used in addition to the standard measures. Radiologists and other providers can use the NJII–SaferMD QCDR to maximize MIPS benefits. Dr. Gale explains why you should report your MIPS data in this brief video.

Who is SaferMD for?

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Use SaferMD to increase quality of care and to reduce malpractice costs.

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Malpractice Insurers

Improve underwriting results using SaferMD practitioner reports.

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Partner with SaferMD to obtain the highest quality of care for everyone.

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Rest assured that you're in good hands and that test results don't fall through the cracks.

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Healthcare Facilities

Improve patient safety and reduce liability exposure using SaferMD normative reports and metrics.

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