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MIPS Registry designed by Radiologists for Radiologists

SaferMD’s radiologists developed a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). Until now, radiology practices had difficulty collecting and submitting enough quality measures to avoid penalties and collect payments. Our radiology-specific measures help radiologists succeed with MIPS, making the process relevant, manageable, supportive, and valuable for radiologists.


What is MIPS? 

MIPS is the Merit-based Incentive Payment System that allows you to earn Medicare payment adjustments when you submit data that shows you’re providing quality care. MIPS combines three CMS programs: PQRS, Medicare EHR Incentive Program and Value-based Payment Modifier. The MIPS categories are Quality, Improvement Activities, Advancing Care Information, Cost.


Why use the SaferMD registry?

We support all standard measures and have additional measures for radiologists.  Valuable. Now that you have access to our 19 radiology-specific measures, you can increase CMS payment rates and avoid negative payment adjustments using our automated data submission.   Benchmarking. You can monitor your progress. We provide measures scoring AND benchmarking comparison to other providers in our database.   Supportive. Rest assured, our support team of data gurus is available to answer your questions at any time. We help make the process simple for everyone.   Makes Sense. Our senior radiologists and data experts used personal experience and peer recommendations to help create the registry.   Simple. Using our registry is easy and efficient. Start now and receive near real-time feedback.



Announcing the SaferMD’s 2018 Measures:


Welcome to the SaferMD QCDR Quality Reporting Registry for Diagnostic Radiology.


NJIISMD1Critical Result: Pulmonary EmbolismNJIISMD2Critical Result: ICH
NJIISMD3Critical Result: Aortic DissectionNJIISMD8Critical Result: Occlusive Intracranial Stroke
NJIISMD9Critical Result: Placental abruptionNJIISMD10Critical Result: Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
NJIISMD11Critical Result: New Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)NJIISMD12Critical Result: Ectopic Pregnancy
NJIISMD17Result Requiring Follow Up ProtocolNJIISMD19Critical Result: Cord Compression
NJIISMD20Critical Result: CTA of GI bleedNJIISMD21Critical Result: Positive bleeding scan
NJIISMD22Critical Result: Acute Ocular injurySMD23Urgent Result: Breast Specimen Radiography
SMD24Critical Result: Testicular TorsionSMD25Critical Result: Subdural hematoma
SMD26GI Radiography Result Notification
• Critical Result: Bowel Obstruction
• Critical Result: Sigmoid Volvulus
SMD27Chest Imaging Result Notificationn:
•Critical Result:
•Critical Result: Tension
•Follow Up Result:
Suspicious Lung Nodule
SMD28Musculoskeletal Radiology Result Notification:
• Critical Result: Fracture C-Spine
• Urgent Result: Osteomyelitis
• Urgent Result: Meniscal Tear


To view SaferMD’s 2018 Measures with more detail please click here.


To see the CMS Measured Specifications click here.



Announcing the SaferMD’s 2017 Measures:


Detailed Measures


• Critical Test: OR Foreign Body• Critical Result: Placental Abruption
• Critical Test: Stroke• Critical Result: Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
• Critical Test: Intracranial Hemorrhage• Critical Result: New DVT
• Critical Test: Aortic Dissection• Critical Result: Ectopic Pregnancy
• Critical Test Protocol• Critical Result Protocol
• Critical Result: Pulmonary Embolism• Urgent Result Protocol
• Critical Result: ICH• Unexpected Result Protocol
• Critical Result: Aortic Dissection• Result Requiring Follow Up Protocol
• Critical Result: Occlusive Intracranial Stroke• Critical Finding: Acute Ocular injury
• Critical Finding: Positive bleeding scan• Critical Finding: Cord Compression
• Critical Finding: CTA of GI bleed



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